Suzuki Jimny GLX Auto

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Everyone freaks for the Jimny. If it isn’t my next-door neighbour asking for a spin, it’s a stranger outside of the supermarket parking his new Jimny next to mine and striking up a conversation.


So what is it that makes this little off-roader so popular? I think the excitement factor has a lot to do with it. It screams adventure, whilst being affordable enough for anyone to get excited about the possibility of owning one!

The beautiful classic box shape is such an eye-catcher, and quite frankly, a relief aesthetically amongst so many similar looking cars on the road. The interior, although rather basic, is robust and functional which suits the car well. The front seats are comfortable, and with steering wheel controls, a nifty infotainment with everything from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Bluetooth, and just an overall driver-focused experience, it is everything you could wish for.

The rear seats fold down to create a flat surface, and with a wider loading door and the spare wheel attached to the back of the car, space has been well considered. Someone can sit in the back (sort of) but this car is perfect for two people on a road trip. I even tested sleeping with the front seats down, and it is quite comfortable. The roof is also sturdy enough for a roof rack and to hold a car-top tent.

Visibility is exceptional thanks to the large side windows, and with Hill Start and Descent Assist, automatic headlights, cruise control, and so, so much more, any boy would die to make this his toy. It accelerates well, handles hills and bumps like a care-free butch hunk working as a nature conservationist. Talking about the environment, it is also 1 whole litre per 100km lighter on fuel than its predecessor. Even without a turbo, it accelerates acceptably well in the city.

Driving the 4-speed automatic is fun. Then there is the ALLGRIP PRO four-wheel drive with a low range transfer gear. The Jimny replaces the push-button selection between 2H (rear-wheel drive), 4H (4WD high gear) and 4L (full low range, 4WD) with a shift lever that is directly connected to the transfer gear and can switch between 2H and 4H on the fly at speeds of up to 100 km/h. Amazeballs! Take it for a spin and ask your dealer about all the amazing off-road features.

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