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With Louis Hofman and Jannik Schümann. Director Jakob M Erwa.

This illuminating and captivating film moves at an unhurried pace juxtaposing the past with the present, as a young man (the very convincing, easy on the eye Louis Hofman) falls in love with a dream boat in class, Nicolas, played by the striking Jannik Shümann. But does Nicolas really love him back? The film examines the nature of adolescent fascination, sexual confusion and arousal, and the nature of love, self- centeredness and commitment. But can young love accommodate betrayal? With confident directing, a slightly melodramatic story and the most eccentric mother in the history of LGBT cinema, it provides not only an abundance of eye candy, but a pleasurable story that will keep your hands off your cell phone keys. Strongly recommended as a guilty pleasure. Warning: there is lots of nudity.

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