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Should we be paying for Only Fans subscriptions? Is there a difference between selling your body and selling images of it?


Admit it. You have watched porn. You have even masturbated to it. You probably have a favorite type of porn and a porn star who’s videos you always navigate to. We also all know that we only use Twitter for porn and the guys with the most followers usually share sex videos and pics of their bananas. You have probably shared a pic of your aubergine on Grindr with a person you do not know or might even have a naughty Twitter account. 

If we are being honest, you have likely also sent sex videos to someone over WhatsApp. We watch, consume and enjoy porn and sex, so why are we so hostile when we find out that someone we follow on social media has started a “Fans Only” account? Why are there angry comments on profiles when we have to start paying to watch a person in their latest gang-bang or masturbation video? Instead of shunning, we should be thanking and supporting these performers.

Someone I follow on Twitter asked the following question: “Should I start a Fans Only account?” 

“No! Don’t do it!” one response screamed!

image: Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash

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