Opel Astra 1,6T Sport

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I remember one of the ’90s Opel Astras back when I was still very young and how my aunt got one and said that it was the only car she had ever wanted.


And she worked in the car industry, so that’s saying a lot. Their engines have always been somewhat bulletproof and let’s not forget the Astra was European as well as SA Car of the Year in 2017.

The Astra has evolved into a sleek seductress, and with added gadgets and tech, he can get any man. One feature that is great is the IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights that give you high-beam visibility without disturbing other drivers. Other gadgets include park assist, keyless entry, traffic sign assist, lane departure warning, lane keep, follow distance and forward collision alert. I have to add that the warning beeps annoyed me, as they are slightly over active, so best change your settings to suit your driving ability. Not all features are standard on the Sport, so take note of which features you really need in your vehicle.

The front seats are incredibly comfortable and can be adjusted in many different ways. The interior is premium and just as good looking as the outside, plus it has plenty of legroom in the back and when you fold the seats down you have an even surface. Sadly, it only has a Marie biscuit spare wheel. The cabin is quiet and the ride smooth. The infotainment is unique, and although not the best I have seen in terms of intuitive interface, it has CarPlay, which is all I need.

But let’s get to the performance. I found it rather light on the juice, as the Astra is quite lightweight, and at the same time it kicks quite the punch when you put your foot down. Transmission is smooth and the sport button does sharpen the accelerator and steering response somewhat. All-in-all, I found it a pleasure to drive. If you don’t like standing out on the road, but you still want your car to have a premium look and driving experience, this is a great option.


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