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The long mince to freedom is not and has not been an easy one, but some of our fellow fruits were pioneers in the fight!


Future gays might forget names like Elton John, Billy Jean King, Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Stipe, Martina Navratilova, Pete Buttigieg, Sean Hayes, Tim Cook, and Bob the Drag Queen, but their contribution to our culture will always remain an example of bravery in a specific time in herstory.

People who have opened our eyes, or share our philosophies, or just make the world a better place because they are in it. A place where we can identify with others and say, “I am not alone”. I can rattle off famous gay people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Freddie Mercury, Alexander the Great, Florence Nightingale, Cole Porter, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harvey Milk, Tchaikovsky and and and (all dead by the way). But today I want to tell you about some wonderful people who were of vital importance to the story of acceptance and tolerance, but who are maybe not quite that well-known anymore. 

Some countries still deny the existence of LGTBQ human beings, like Malaysia. Perhaps that Brunei Sultan Hass-anal Boknaai (Hassanal Bolkiah) just needs a visit from the Queer Eye team and a warm loving hug. But for a moment let’s forget the Bruneis, Trumps and Steves of this world and celebrate the people who have made a difference for the better.

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