Toyota Fortuner 2,8 GD-6 Raised Body AT

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We were so impressed with the 2,4-litre Diesel that was reviewed recently, that we requested the larger 2,8-litre derivative for comparative purposes.


Neither model will present you with buyer’s remorse for sure. The COTY SA App lists the Fortuner’s main rivals as the Chevy Trailblazer, Ford Everest and Land Rover Discovery. Pricing wise the Fortuner leads the pack and Toyota has the largest dealer network which counts for much when you head for the bundu. 

I’ve never been a Fortuner fan in the past, but the new models have quantum leaped into the future. It is smoother, quieter, quicker, and more nimble and can go anywhere you point the nose. Doing some off-roading left no doubt in my mind that the Fortuner has supreme capability with massive ground clearance. Even the 4×2 version can scale any obstacle of Everestian proportions! A double wishbone front suspension set-up and a four-link coil spring rear suspension with stabiliser bars makes the magical transformation from a slick urban dweller to bundu basher happen in a blink. 

Several new safety features combine well with all the other features in raising the bar. Since the original launch in 2006 the Fortuner has been on the top sales charts, which bolstered resale values. Being among SA’s Top 10 most popular cars for the past year with over a 1000 sales a month is impressive by any standard. Top sellers are top sellers, for many good reasons and their future values remain higher than other cars.

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