Lexus ES 250

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The amazing Lexus ES250 is the perfect car for travelling long distances in style


The car market may be evolving and catering to an increasingly diverse audience, but a large group of motoring enthusiasts will always appreciate the intrinsic value of comfort, space and a lower centre of gravity. Especially when you enjoy traveling long distances, the benefits of a large sedan are undisputed.  

The Lexus ES slots just below the Lexus GS in terms of luxury, but space-wise it’s a big car that offers more than its rivals. Pricing is hard to beat, as you pay less than for the smaller Lexus IS and a lot less than for a luxury German rival. Being front wheel driven is unusual in a Lexus, but that does free up some space and conserves more fuel. Its fuel efficiency is remarkable, especially bearing in mind how effortlessly the ES cruises at high speeds. Overtaking acceleration is brisk and dynamic capability is a pleasant surprise. There is little left to desire from a specification perspective and this car’s ability to carry five large adults in total comfort is a rare achievement at such a competitive price point. Its ability to swallow bumps and imperfections is superb and the worst roads really prove this point. Feeling totally relaxed in this spacious ultra-quiet cabin is hard to resist and I regret not having had the Opportunity to be chauffeured, as the rear seats have the most legroom I have seen in many moons. VIPs used to being pampered would love the magic carpet ride in such serene silence. Structural reinforcements add to the integrity of the body shell and enhance the ride quality.

A naturally aspirated 2,5-litre engine achieves sub 10 second acceleration times to 100 km/h and can comfortably travel at over 200 km/h. A rotary drive mode selector allows the driver to access Eco, Normal or Sport settings, which substantially alters the driving experience. Rejuvenated facial features are centred around Lexus’s trademark spindle grille, which is framed in satin chrome, with newly designed headlights equipped with LED projector technology. Redesigned fog lamps have been relocated to the outer lower corners of the front fascia, which amplifies the wide stance of the ES. New interior trim enhancements focus the interior ambiance on the upmarket feel and design cohesion, while leather abounds with top quality stitching. Many luxurious GS features, like the Nano-e climate system and ambient lighting system are shared with the ES. Some lovely standard features include a moon roof, remote keyless entry, heated seats, a back-guide monitor with a smart camera and more. Besides a long list of safety features, the useful Rear Cross Traffic Alert RCTA warns of approaching vehicles in your blind spot behind the vehicle. 

Pricing on the Lexus ES is commendable and trading satellite navigation for value seems a worthwhile trade. Besides, smart phone navigation usually exceeds car navigation functionality.

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