Marcel L.Massyn

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A young Johannesburg based sketch artist that creates hand-drawn detailed sketches inspired by his life experiences.  His motivation and illustration ideas came from how the world perceives the models of today, but with a vintage twist in fashion choices

With today’s trending interiors and more homes having a minimalistic, modern clean approaches, many people take great comfort in having decorative items in monotone simplistic colors. Marcel creates black and white personalized sketches to blend in with any interior, yet still showcase a unique and interesting art piece. 

Model arte studio was created to have his artwork printed on everyday household items such as cups, plates, scatter cushions, bedding, kitchenware, and many more to come.  His artwork is detailed and striking. No color is used in order not to detract from the authenticity of a traditional sketch. 

He says: ” a home is a place of not only comfort but of control.” This sense of order and organization, acts as a shield against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world” 

Instagram: @model_arte_studio

If you would like to see more of his work and follow his journey on Instagram.

Each sketch is named and has a unique story behind it:

Fiona Goode - “This sketch was inspired by the talented actress Jessica Lange from the very popular horrifying television series, America horror story- coven.”
Jade - ”The inspiration for this sketch developed when I went through one of my best friends' Instagram page and I saw her looking flawless and perfect.”
Lindy - ”This sketch was inspired by my fiancé’s sister who passed away 2 years ago. A tribute to her and her strong personality. She lived her life without taking to heart anyone else’s judgment, a carefree and unique soul.”
Mizz Zulu - ”Natural is always better, and with this sketch it shows you exactly what I mean, I named this sketch mizz zulu after one of my best friend Nadine looking striking in her natural afro, something she should be showing off everyday.”

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