Doctor Marc de Villiers

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Dr Marc De Villiers has spent a lifetime focussed on the role hormones plays in the aging process and how it affects our moods and feelings. Changing your life is in your hands.

Aging is a state of mind and science proves that this process can be controlled incredibly well with some simple sensible suggestions. Medically your state of health and aging is a measurable variable that leaves little room for doubt about your power to change what you may consider your inevitable fate..

Everything from exercise to diet, to hormonal levels plays a vital role in your aging process, so seeking assistance in staying young much longer is a no-brainer.

Getting started on this process that will change your life starts with some blood tests that will not break the bank, but it will change your life. The father of the testosterone revolution was Dr Malcolm Carruthers and he laid the foundation for cutting edge science that changes millions of lives by following simple but important guidelines already in the late 70’s. Going alone is not advisable and establishing an informative relationship with a doctor who is focussed on TRT for men is vitally important. This is what will keep you away from the doctor due to excellent health, so the concept of preventative medical care is crucial. Patients that have decided to follow this route are happy and healthy, so seldom if ever will stop following such simple protocol to remove decades off their biological clocks. It assists in all the typical aging issues and a standard response is wow, I feel great after your treatment thank you.

Hey guys…The ladies had hormone replacement therapy years ago…to stop hot flushes they did that but so much more made them look and feel younger and more vital!

We men were left to become old, fat and grumpy…why?We were deprived of the most important hormone in the male body!Testosterone declines from 35y…even faster with stress and bad life style.Today we know we don’t have to become Victor Meldru..Testosterone supplementation is extremely effective and safe if its supervised by a Dr experienced in TRT(Testo replacement therapy) Get your levels checked …this is life changing!

Take charge of your youth and your happiness by understanding the role your hormones play in your aging process and the way that this affects your mind and memory.

Losing control in the aging process is your choice when you contemplate the cost-effective solutions that science offers you and your anti-aging doctor.

Stop accepting the stereotypical belief that we all age beyond control from our forties.

Aging is your attitude about science….

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