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The talented and openly gay South African musician, Armand Joubert (AJ), is a great role model for being unashamed about who he is both as a person and as an artist. He opens up to Jacques Botha in an exclusive interview.

The twenty-five-year-old was born and raised in Witbank. He already started singing by the age of five. “Music has always been a part of my life. I come from a very musical family where everyone can either sing, play instruments or dance so there was and still is always music wherever I am with my family. I was born into music.” 

“Best memories growing up for me was the simplicity of life and not knowing so much. Being in the moment and just enjoying the small things in life like family gatherings, sleepovers, watching cartoons until you fall asleep and pretending to be a pop star while performing for the family in the living room. However, it was not always moonshine and roses… I was bullied at school and abused by my stepfather. It took a lot from me as a child but it made me a better person today and I’d like to think I’m more aware of certain things in life than others, because life forced me to grow up quicker than everyone else. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I decided not to come out, but rather let people just see the truth for themselves. Eventually my family…

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