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At 21-years-old, I became aware of myself as an actual force in the world, as something with the power to effect change, and as someone whose actions had lasting consequences beyond my immediate situation.

By Ciaran R. Maidwell

Before I became someone who could say I was going to do something and then actually do it, I was on a peanut butter diet. I’m not being dramatic when I say this – I just ate a ton of peanut butter, spoonfuls of it for breakfast and for lunch and for dinner. Sometimes I would put it on bread or mix it into a bowl of oats, but more often than not, it was just straight out of the jar and with the biggest spoon I could find. To my credit, it was not a wild kind of consumption where I devoured any peanut butter I could get my hands on. I only ate smooth peanut butter, and preferred the Pick ‘n Pay no-name brand in particular (it’s the perfect mix of sweet and oily and doesn’t work your jaw unnecessarily like some of the ‘healthier’ peanut butter options).

The reason for my peanut butter diet was…

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