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The Covid Effect

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The luxuries of the past, when gyms could offer grand ranges of exercise classes, crowded banks of sophisticated work-out machines and the camaraderie of group sessions, have changed fundamentally.

By Phil Joffee

Over those long, interminable months, most of us were driven to become more self-reliant, and, with some help from those more qualified, we found we could still maintain our health and fitness and boost our natural levels of resistance to disease.

Multitudes took to the internet for guidance in home-exercise. Many of my own gym-class participants visited my philjoffefitness.com site for assistance. Many found that they could work-out, with different measures of net guidance, in the privacy of their own homes. No more gym fees, no stress in traffic, no discomfort from mask-wearing while training, no gym-equipment off-limits, or lining up to fill in the same repetitive, bureaucratic information daily.

One of the truly positive outcomes of the lockdown…

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