Land Rover Defender 110 HSE

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The Defender, a household name and an absolute necessity when it comes to off-road motoring!


The new generation Land Rover has some enormous tracks to tread in simply because, it has to replace the old one which has dominated the dirt for decades. 

The first thing you will notice about the new Defender is its modern, soft yet muscular appearance, like a body builder wearing a khaki tailored suit with a full face of make-up. Pretty, but capable. Driving the Defender is a luxurious experience, it does not feel like a hardcore off-roader. Silky air-suspension, solid cabin build and a subtle purr from the popular D240 engine submerged in the bulbous bonnet. The defender initially has a Sandton SUV appeal, until you turn it off the beaten path and onto the gravel gaming grounds, you truly reveal an entirely new mechanical mastery. 

The Defender is an effortless off-roader which has the ability to dismiss the challenges of any rough terrain, thanks to its endless list of electronic assists and engineering artistry. The hardware such as the axels, springs, anti-roll, gear ratios, diffs, tyres, traction control systems, speed throttle control and under-body cameras all support your Kingsley Holgate ambitions and intentions. So when your talents fall short, the defender will keep you pointing the correct way up.

The cabin continues to impress with its luxurious finishes, minimalist layout and spacious feel. Land Rover has managed to mimic a Range Rover atmosphere in the Defender, but still managing to instil confidence that a muddy and wet expedition is not going to soil or spoil your exploration tool.

*Prices accurate at the time of publishing – Gay Pages Winter / Spring Edition 96

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