Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 S

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The third most powerful AMG that Mercedes-Benz produces has definitely earned this podium standing thanks to its sledgehammer engine.


*Prices accurate at time of publishing – Gay Pages Winter / Spring 2020 Edition 96

All four wheels are seamlessly powered by a twin turbo V8 powertrain, which produces enough torque alone to keep Eskom out of the dark. Although on the heavy side of the scale, along with a heavy price tag, this AMG brute does not lack any agility or strength when stretching the rev counter needle, it is the equivalent of a body builder who can outrun Hussain Bolt, while carrying him on his shoulders. 

The body design has an elegant presence, flowing lines front bonnet to back, yet still maintains a menacing presence with the large aggressive air intakes in the front bumper. A high standard is kept throughout the cabin, alcantara seats, plush leather upholstery on the dashboard and doors, and the very pleasant-to-touch brushed aluminium switches scattered throughout.

Despite it being a high performance sports car, it is supple and luxuriously comfortable when it needs to be. Fuel consumption in mind, it could almost be considered an everyday driver, honestly speaking though, with such striking looks on offer you would drive it every day regardless. Although when driving the GT with a throttle conscious approach, I managed to achieve a fuel consumption of 10,9l/100km, which by sports car standards is easy to live with. As it is a Mercedes-Benz, it is garnished with a superb infotainment system and adjustable digital displays which leave you feeling like a tech addicted teen.

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