The Peugeot 2008 1,2T

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This gorgeous compact small crossover was elected Auto Europa 2021 by the UIGA, the Italian Union of Automobile Journalists. It is the brand’s sixth vehicle of the brand to win this prestigious prize, after the PEUGEOT 207, 3008, 208, 2008 and 308 in 14 years.


This esteemed is awarded by the members of the UIGA, a Jury of opinion leaders and a Jury from the public, who combined votes determines the winner.

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this playful with quaint little details like, “claw marks” and “fangs” on the lights.

Any technologically minded person would be overwhelmed by standard level of technological innovation that you would only expect in cars at double the price.

Good build quality was demonstrated on the launch where we would have needed back surgery afterwards due to the deliberate choice of some terrible roads. Not that it mattered as we just floated over potholed paradise in sections and once we had reached the off road section the weather played along with pouring rain that allowed us to play in some of the most challenging muddy and wet conditions. Never had I experienced such driver seat envy as my co-driver loved showing off his rally driver skills. Driving back, it was my turn and I realised how good this little devil makes you look behind the wheel. I smiled when I realised we would have gotten stuck in a lesser car, but totally worth a pink faced driver!

A really hot and sexy 3D cockpit takes the driving experience to the next level. Another innovation is the choice of a fully electric engine.

What makes it a winner besides build quality, futuristic technology, beauty, spaciousness and trendsetting spec levels is a fun factor and low fuel consumption sweetened by nippy performance.

A turbocharged three-cylinder 1,2 litre petrol engine is highly efficient with a slick shifting six-speed automatic gearbox.

The forging softly sprung suspension floats over our nasty Gauteng roads and speed bumps.

Frankly, anybody who wants buys a car with a rock-hard suspension for daily commuting needs to drive this little gem first. You most likely will experience a eureka moment.

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