Jarryd Nurden

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International Performer, model and cover model to the Gay Pages Special Collector’s Edition 2020.

Getting to be on the cover of the Gay Pages was a dream come true for me. I’m a proud gay man and it’s so important, especially nowadays, to create a healthy gay culture and lifestyle for generations to come to look up to. It kind of feels surreal to me.

Being a small-town farm boy from KZN and growing up in a time where living your truth wasn’t easy, coming across a magazine like the Gay Pages with class and elegance gave me hope for the bubbling truth that was hidden beneath the surface. There in an Exclusive Books peering at the top shelf where the magazine stood, I found my inspiration, my little sign of hope that I too wasn’t alone and that there were people out there who felt the way I felt, truly deep inside and were living happily and proudly. That excited me.

To be on the cover, for me, was important so as to inspire all men and gay men to live their truth, be kind, live with integrity, dignity and faith and trust that we all have a purpose in this life, all we need to do is go within to find it and to dream as big as you want to dream because they do come true! 

Being featured as my title role of Rocky in Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is even more special to me. It’s another dream show I have always wanted to be in and role that has become so significant to me. 

Jarryd Nurden

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