Gay Couple Got Married in Front of Erupting Volcano

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A Gay Couple Got Married in Front of an Erupting Volcano

A gay couple in Iceland exchanged vows in front of an erupting volcano.

Sumarliði and Jón, who were engaged in 2017, had no idea this is how their wedding would pan out, calling it “weird, gorgeous and terrifying all at the same time.”

The two hiked over two hours through Fagradalsfjall mountains, snow and wind, to reach Reykjanes peninsula. “I thought I might freeze to death at my own wedding,” said Sumarliði of the experience.

Once they arrived at their chosen spot, they set up a pop-up tent, changed out of their hiking gear into wedding suits, the skies cleared, the sun came out, and Sumarliði and Jón exchanged vows. “It was beyond perfect, a day we’ll never forget,” said Sumarliði.

The couple was originally planning on getting married last September but had to reschedule due to the pandemic. Their explosive wedding was quite intimate, just them two, and was planned just four days beforehand. 

“We couldn’t invite anyone to the volcano, and we didn’t tell anyone until the day after,” said Sumarliði. “The whole thing feels like a dream.”

The newlyweds are planning a celebration with friends and family once restrictions ease.

According to scientists, the volcanic eruption is relatively safe. It began a month ago, the first eruption in the area for 800 years, and over 45,000 people have visited since.

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