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Markus Schubach

Markus loves fitness, healthy eating, animals, nature and has put a high value on friendships and chooses his friends carefully with the aim of making strong connections with like minded people.

10 years ago, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. At a random December visit to my grandmother in Amanzimtoti, I was met by my cousin and his partner whom were also visiting grandma for Christmas. Both professional working adults with direction and a solid relationship – I immediately felt a connection between the three of us and after a lot of talking they offered me an opportunity that changed my life immeasurably. They offered that I come stay with them in Centurion. They did not have any children at the time and the chance to become part of their family was one that I longed for all my life. Growing up in small towns limited my knowledge and life experiences.

I have been with them since then. We have gone through tough times together but I would never wish for a different journey.

My cousin is the strongest person I know, in body and character. I look up to him and I believe that my love for fitness and health comes from him.

Even today at my ripe age of 25, I still stay with them and as a working adult I draw strength and learning from them daily.
They have taught me what respect is, what family is, what it means to care and I will always look up to them for the life experiences and learnings they shared with me.

I am quite your average Joe – but I have some key drivers in my life.

My love for animals and nature: As much as I enjoy gaming, movies and social media – even more so I enjoy being outside in nature. I have an entrenched love for the ocean and the beach. I love swimming in the sea and playing on the beach.

My dedication to my work: I have a set routine daily. My alarm wakes me up – I get coffee, one of my all-time favourite drinks, I shower, get ready and I head to work. I believe in being on time and to establish yourself as a person that can be relied on.

Long-lasting friendships and relationships: I have been in one or two serious relationships and even though not having lasted, I will always envisage myself in a long term fully committed relationship. I put an extreme high value on friendships and I choose my friends carefully with the aim of making strong connections with people like me.

Fitness and eating healthy: Most probably my strongest characteristic – which I know gives the family grey hair! When committed – my eating habits at home make my family crazy as I try to eat healthy as possible. This usually flows over to the rest of the household which is always frowned upon.

In essence – I believe myself to be true, honest and spirited. I embrace being a young, talented, gay man with virtues and morals and I want the world to see and experience me as that and nothing else.

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