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Ruhan Breedt

Ruhan is 27-years-old. He is born in Virginia, Free State, and is a proud International Accredited Personal Trainer and Mentor, Entrepreneur and Fitness Model.

My name is Ruhan Breedt, I am 27 years of age. I am born in Virginia, Free State.

I am a proud International Accredited Personal Trainer and Mentor, Entrepreneur and Fitness Model.

I did my Diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition. Also studied Sports Management at Centurion Academy.

I am the owner of RB Lifestyle & Fitness which is a National and Internasional Online Training/Mentoring platform. RB Lifestyle & Fitness is established in 2018.

As to whom I am, and what I love to do, I reach out to individuals/groups from all over the world who has a need of being educated within the Fitness/Wellness industry.

I live to inspire and motivate individuals who has a need of being transformed, physically and mentally. I have a passion for my work and I thrive on change and growth within oneself. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

I started with my Fitness journey about 9 years ago and ever since then, the bug bit me in places I didn’t think/or even believe I will end up being who and what I am today, successful. Before the success within my story, I had quite a challenge surrounded me with regards to unacceptance, hate speech, physical abuse, bullying and stereotyping. When I tend to do something about it, after I graduated High School, I had an intention of achieving, an intention to completing a well structured career and an intention to change the way people look at me. I fought my way through High School knowing that I am more than just the student sitting in the corner while eating my sandwich my mother provided me. The real life form of those expectations I had, are called success. When things opposite or unexpected happened to me within my school days (even after school), I declared that as a fail and it became what I call, failure. That was and still is not my purpose in life, to be a failure. I measured up my success and my failure after that, and my success became part of my story, my vision. I personally think everyone who appears successful at present has succeeded after failing many times. I welcomed success and despite failure. I started off being comfortable in my own skin at first. The next chapter followed and it snow-balled in something spectacular despite the people who brought me down at times.

I conquered and overcame homophobia and bullying. I resumed to be myself, to inspire myself. My only mission in life was to inspire

those who needed it most. Just one word of inspiration that is well-timed can make someone smile. Our thoughts react to the world in real-time.

In 2018 I started my own business called RB Lifestyle & Fitness which is a Internasional Online Training/Mentoring Platform after I worked for a well known Gymnasium, Virgin Active. I am very proud of to call this my own work. My own legacy. 

In 2019 my career has been taken to a next level of achievement. I was fortunate enough to win Top Model South Africa, Body of the Year. My career expanded gracefully in such a way that I had a lot of opportunities on the horizon. Ever since then, people from all over contacted me and Fitness became part of my life. A journey that I won’t look back on, ever. I am who am, I am however more than just a fitness freak. Therefore,

I decided to enter Mister Gay World South Africa 2021 because I feel like I am in a very good mind space and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved and overcome over the past couple of years. Coming out as a LGBTQ+ individual has been one of the most challenging but yet proudest moments of my life. I was fortunate enough

to have had a very supporting and excepting family and friend surrounding cicle. Who excepted me for who I am and what I stand for. Steriotyping took a lot away from me in my childhood days as I was being bullied on my sexual orientation without knowing who I really am. It ended up pushing me in a corner. I had to sit with

Questions like: “Why are you so buff but still gay?”, “Why can big guys like you be gay, it’s wrong”

Statements like: “What if you not going to succeed in your fitness life, what will you then become, nothing”. All these added up by why I decided to enter this competition. To stand against what’s right. Society wants us to believe that there’s a wrong, where there’s actually a right. This is who I am. This is what I want to achieve within this competition. This is what I will presume doing. I want to see a conquered mindset spread all over our community. I want to take off to make that difference we need.

To be chosen as one of the Top 12 Finalists for Mr Gay World South Africa, is a dream come true. Literally

I do have something special on offer within this prestigious competition. It will be an absolute honour  to be crowned as your newly appointed Mr Gay World South African Ambassador.

I leave you with the following:

“Humans are so used to what we know, that when we see something we haven’t seen before. We automatically feel uncomfortable with it, which is stupid” – Billy Eilish

I can relate to this as I feel like we need to understand the new generation of being GAY!

United we shall stand! Please also see my Anti-Bullying awareness video on all my social media platforms as part of my road to MRGWSA. I created  this to pinpoint a big concern in our community nowadays. Bullying has to stop. 

Thank you in advance for taking time to read this, 

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