“Old Gays” celebrate pride on TikTok

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Older gay men on Tik Tok

Four queer men on the popular TikTok account “The Old Gays” have come forward to reflect on the meaning of pride. In short, they have the internet smitten.

“When I was growing up, my father was always trying to out me,” recalls Bill, one of The Old Gays, narrating over a youthful picture of himself. “Well, here I am – free, proud and gay as can be.”

“My father suddenly died while I was in college,” remembers Robert. “I wasn’t sure about my future. But here I am today – 78, proud and still chugging along.”

“Growing up, I was terrified to come out to my mom,” adds Jessay. “But I finally worked up the courage to do it, and she encouraged me to be myself. Well, here I am.” (Memo to Jessay: you had a very cool mom.)

“This is me at 20,” says Michael, “one year before attending my first pride.” He also sports a very handsome picture of his younger self. “I was uncertain of who I was. Now 55 prides later, I know exactly who I am.”

The four men stop off at Shake Shack to enjoy a pride shake as the video concludes. Proceeds from the shake go to support The Trevor Project.

For our part, though, the sweetest bit comes from watching these four guys reflect on life with joy, and with pride.

We should all be so lucky at 78.

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