What Drag Queens Can Teach Us

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Hunter is the CEO of , an award-winning TV production company and agency with clients at Google, McKinsey & Co., HGTV and YouTube.

Drag isn’t easy, so seeing each bold performance gives me a newfound appreciation for the performer’s originality, perseverance and imagination. As a CEO, I love gleaning insightful lessons about authenticity and the importance of hard work from each show. Drag queens pour their heart and soul into their work, and every performance can be a lesson if you look close enough. Whether you’re in the process of starting a business, scaling your brand or climbing the corporate ladder, here are five lessons drag queens can teach us about how to succeed professionally.

​​Know who you are.

Every drag queen has a unique persona and backstory, and they’re not afraid to show it. Rather than shying away from their personal experiences, they often lean into them to get inspiration for their performances. And during each show, they fully embrace their unique selves instead of trying to mimic someone else.

Like drag queens, each one of us comes from different backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Rather than ignoring the core of who you are, think about how your individual experiences and perspectives can positively shape and impact your work. Knowing what you bring to the table will make you a better employee, business owner or manager. It will also help you figure out new ways to use your skills as your career goes on. 

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