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SA crosses the 10-million Covid-19 vaccinations mark.

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SA has surpassed the 10-million Covid-19 vaccination mark. This comes after those over the age of 18 were given the green light to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations from last Friday.

Cabinet approved the move as part of the country’s measures to increase the vaccine rollout and curb Covid-19 infections. 

It led to a flurry of vaccinations, with more than half a million 18-34 year olds getting the jab over the weekend.

Province with the most vaccinated people

According to the health department dashboard, 10,527,363 vaccinations have been administered to date.

In the past 24 hours 23,910 vaccines were administered, with Gauteng recording the largest number of administered vaccines (9,948). KwaZulu-Natal came second (6,626) and the Western Cape was in the third spot (1,878). 

The province with the most vaccinated people is Gauteng with 2,654,226, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 1,911,104 and the Western Cape with 1,675,898. 

The Eastern Cape has 1,328,620 vaccinated people, followed by Limpopo with 1,132,027 and the Free State with 556,221. 

The provinces with the fewest vaccinated people are the North West (551,660), Mpumalanga (514,762) and the Northern Cape (202,845).

Number of vaccines administered

The total number of Johnson & Johnson vaccines administered is 2,370,922, with most vaccines administered in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. 

The total number of Pfizer vaccines administered is 8,156,441, with 5,694,600 first doses administered and 2,461,841 second doses administered. 

The group with the largest number of vaccinated people is those 60 and above, with women accounting for more vaccines administered than men. 

The group with the lowest number are those 18-34, with women also accounting for more vaccines administered. 

How many 18-34 year olds have got the jab so far?

Since rolling out the vaccine from Friday, this age group has seen 569,689 vaccines administered.


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