7 Photographs of Slovakian jocks with nothing to hide. (NSW)

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Nothing to Hide by Phil Dlab has been released and is available now.

Phil gave us an artist’s statement:

Every now and then, I am asked what I do for a living. And I can now answer without hesitation, with a proud and sincere face, that I photograph male nudes. To this answer I usually get — at least for an instant — a surprised look, followed by “So, you’re a photographer?” “Well, yes, among other things.” It took me a long time to embrace my “male nude photographer” identity. After all, up until recently, I was known as a “consultant” or a “project manager.” These are more common and socially accepted identities or titles. I also don’t mingle with other photographers or live in the “Male Nude Photographer Village.” But now, more than ever, I feel content with my place in the world. I feel “in my skin,” liberated, as though I finally have the upper hand over the proverbial cookie cutter. “Do you also photograph female nudes?” is a common follow-up question. Reading between the lines, there appears to be an assumption that as a man I should partake in photographing female nudes. After all, I live in somewhat traditional Slovakia, and not in liberal “anything goes, be who you want to be” New York. Thus, my “logical explanation” is: “No. There are already so many guys who photograph female nudes. It would be really hard to stand out and to make a living that way. So, I specialize in male nudes.” As we pass a bikini ad on a billboard, I continue to say “The world does not need any more convincing that women are beautiful. Just look around. Anywhere. I am trying to level the playing field.” There is a pause, a nod, a momentary sign showing agreement, which quickly turns into a slightly skeptical expression. “And are you really able to make a living from photographing male nudes?” “Well yes. Believe it or not, there is a gap in the market.”

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