The new Superman comes out as bisexual in an upcoming comic.

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Superman’s done since he first appeared in comic books 80 years ago, almost.

Superman’s done since he first appeared in comic books 80 years ago, almost. He’s saved the world more than a few times. He’s died and come back to life. He dodged punches from Muhammad Ali and even faced off against White supremacists.

Until this year, though, every comic iteration of Superman has been besotted with longtime love Lois Lane. But in an upcoming issue of a new “Superman” series, the Man of Steel enters into a queer relationship.
The fifth issue of the DC comic series “Superman: Son of Kal-El” will confirm that the new Superman — Jon Kent, child of Clark Kent and Lane — is bisexual after falling for Jay Nakamura, a male reporter, DC announced this week.
The “Superman: Son of Kal-El” series follows Kent as he becomes Earth’s new Superman and grapples with the immense weight of his new gig. Nakamura, a bespectacled writer with a bubble-gum pink mop, first appeared in the series’ third issue as a shoulder for Kent to lean on when the business of being Superman gets too rough.
But in the forthcoming fifth issue, coming next month, Kent falls for the journalist — he is his father’s son — after he “mentally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he can,” according to DC.
The particulars of the issue’s plot are to be revealed in November, but images from the comic show Kent and Nakamura sharing a kiss and sitting together atop a building, their legs dangling off the edge.

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