Chris de Villiers

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Chris de Villiers’ fight for equality, his philanthropy, his untainted eye for talent and his active involvement with various LGBTQI+ projects, NGOs, and fundraisers – to name a few – makes him, as Mika sings, a good guy that chooses to see the stars when being confronted with the grim of the gutter.

In April 2010, together with a group of like-minded volunteers, Chris launched LGBTQI+ Namibia with the aim of advocating for LGBTQI+ rights in Namibia. “Although we made an impact only measured by direct feedback, LGBTQI+ Namibia ceased operations in early 2014 due to work pressure and personal responsibilities.” This setback fuelled his new venture – Out & Proud (Namibia). His modus operandi for O&P is based on equality, inclusiveness and social support and they are breaking ground, step by step.

After being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and job setbacks, Chis sat down and said: “You have survived bullies at school, you have survived several attempts on your life, and you have survived a potentially fatal car accident. Get your act together.” Not to mention serving in the South African military and surviving life threats there as well, he’s more determined and motivated to conquer new quests for equality in SA and abroad.

Chris is now the co-creator of Freeze Flame Media Services supplying and coordinating travel and accommodation within the film and event industry. Brutal Talent is a free scouting and representation service run solely by him and Cheeky Little Devill is Chris’ fundraising brand for various NGOs supporting causes like cancer treatment, autism, and the upliftment of rural communities.

Chris’ cross-country contribution is leaving a firm footprint in the sands of South-Africa and Namibia. Setbacks made him even more focused on the bright horizon of local talent, the plethora of possibilities within the LGBTQI+ community, marginalized groups as well as supporting the less fortunate.

M&R Centre for Excellence for Autistic Children and Adults – NPO 212-139

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