Gay man’s powerful protest against his private school’s toxic culture

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A gay man has set his old private school blazer alight on the oval of St Kevin’s College to protest the elite Catholic school’s culture of misogyny and homophobia.

James Robinson, who is a photographer, graduated in 2013 from the all-boys secondary college in Melbourne.


In the Instagram post, Robinson admitted breaking onto the school grounds and burning the blazer on Tuesday evening.

He dedicated the photos to “current students and victims of St Kevin’s, and schools like it.”

Robinson addressed the students who “feel their identity is slowly being chipped away by a hyper-masculine culture.”

“I see you, I was you,” he wrote in the caption.

“This protest takes my healing full circle.

“I burn my blazer not in anger, but in hope for regeneration.

“I kiss my partner not in spite, but to bring love back to the only place that ever taught me shame.”

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