Matthew Horne

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Executive Personal Assistant – Rogo Group of Components

My name is Matthew Horne, and I am proud to say that I am an Executive Personal Assistant. Having learnt enough, I moved from company to company until I recently started my own company called Rogo – Group of Components (Components being Training and Assistance). Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, working remotely (as I had to do regularly in the past) became second nature. For example, video conferencing is now a daily occurrence. Therefore, this made it easier to take my learnings and experience and build a company I am the Senior EPA and GM of. Whenever I am asked why I became a Personal Assistant, I say it’s because of Edith Venter that was known as a topflight EPA, she always inspired me when I read articles on her.

I started my career studying to achieve my Personal Assistant Diploma, which I received. Not only did I achieve above average marks, but I was the first male to graduate from INTEC College. I have been a PA (now graduating into an EPA) for two decades. I have worked for small SMEs to start-ups and then on to large corporates. Every time I have changed course, I would leave the executives heartbroken. Simply put, you know that guy in the suit who talks to everyone from the cleaners to the CEO and can get the impossible done – that would be me.

They say, “behind a great Executive, is a great PA. But don’t be fooled by our calm exteriors, the business world can be treacherous. For instance, confidentiality is key in the role of being a PA and is tested often. Myself, like many other PA’s form deep bonds with our bosses. From sorting out a mini crisis of one of the boss’s children, to knowing how to make travel arrangements before said boss has thought about it. I believe that being a PA is not an occupation, but a vocation. The role comes with challenges, large amounts of stress, but if handled well, really well and multi-tasking is in your blood then the role can be a very rewarding one. 



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