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Gay Time Exclusive: Nyle DiMarco “wrestled” with decision to include “unpleasant stories” in new memoir

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Nyle DiMarco tells GAY TIMES about the “unique” stories that shaped his new memoir and why he “wrestled” with what to include in the final draft.


“Frankly, I feel like I am only 10% into the hurdle event,” says Nyle DiMarco of overcoming barriers and stereotypes facing both Deaf and LGBTQ+ people. “There’s so much more work to do.”

The actor, model and activist has consistently used his platform to advocate for the visibility of both communities, which his new memoir, Deaf Utopia: A Memoir―and a Love Letter to a Way of Life, is set to be an extension of.

It is described as an “inspiring memoir and celebration of Deaf culture” and is based on DiMarco’s own life and experiences.

“It is rare for Deaf children to be born to Deaf parents,” he continues. “My story, and that of my brothers, are unique and I thought it would be a fun challenge to give readers more than just a glimpse into my signing world! A lot of people who have watched me on TV or follow me on social might think they know a lot about me, but now I’m literally an open book and they can read it.”

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