‘We stand proudly with the global LGBTQ+ community’

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The BPS (British Psychological Society) has been given a place in the London Pride parade later this year. Diversity and Inclusion Manager Neil Baker explained what it means to the Society.

How did we go about getting a place in London Pride?

We had originally planned to attend London Pride in 2020. However, the pandemic meant the event was cancelled for two years on the trot. But as restrictions began to lift we began the process of exploring the 2022 parade in January this year, working closely with Sexualities Section to make it happen. We ensured Pride was factored into this year’s Diversity and Inclusion budget, and crossed our fingers that Covid wouldn’t once again raise its head and stop the parade and celebration.   

What will our involvement in London Pride look like? 

For the first time ever in our history, BPS will be marching in the Pride Parade alongside a range of organisations, charities, community groups and businesses who all believe that love is a beautiful mosaic of colour and difference, and trans rights are human rights. Our members will be invited to march, with 50 places available. More details on this will be released shortly.

What does our involvement in London Pride mean to the BPS?

Our involvement in Pride is long overdue, and it’s time BPS proudly and openly supported our LGBTQ+ community, especially during a time of increased hate crimes, global persecution and troubling political decisions. We stand proudly with the global LGBTQ+ community and acknowledge the role psychology can play in furthering equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights. 

Of course, we are aware that London Pride is only one of the major Pride events taking place throughout the UK this year, and therefore we plan to alternate our attendance at Pride events each year. Next year, all being well, we will be marching at Manchester Pride followed by Glasgow and Cardiff in the following years.

Find more about how members can get involved.

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