Destination… Reef House Hotel!

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Venture to Palm Cove with @husbands.thattravel.

There was a jacuzzi on our balcony!

That honestly should be all the words I need to describe how amazing the Reef House is, and I should end the blog now because that should be all you need to know. But I’ll say more because there is so much more to say!

Have you ever been on holiday and been super excited to get to a destination, but then you check into a hotel and realise it’s so amazing that you actually don’t want to leave the hotel and the desire to explore is a thing of the past?

That’s the Reef House Hotel.

he rooms were amazing (did I say jacuzzi on the balcony?). The location was amazing. The food was amazing. The pools were amazing. That’s right. Pools. Plural. We spent a few good hours pool-hopping, as the reef house had a fair-few pools with very different vibes (*cough* more jacuzzis *cough*). The cocktails were amazing, and by cocktails, I mean the cocktails you make yourself because they have in-house cocktail classes! Wtf! Michael and I don’t drink much, but when you get to make your own we are all in! Michael got sooooooo happily merry from all the cocktails that he wanted to do the class again the next day!

As good as all this sounds, the best part of the Reef House was actually the staff. Charlie and I didn’t even know accommodation places could be as welcoming and friendly as the Reef House Hotel. Honestly. Every single member of the staff made you feel like you’d basically just returned home after spending months away.

I would safely say that The Reef House Hotel is my favourite hotel in all of Australia – and so if you are looking for a hotel that has it all, the Reef House is it.

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