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Stian Ludik

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Stian is 43 years of age, working as a certified massage therapist living in the beautiful Mother City, Cape Town.

Having lived through many and survived some life experiences, I am in a place within myself to give back to society. It is especially important that each person should be able to develop their personality in an unrestricted and complete way as possible. Life happens and at the best of times, we all need that ear that listens as it is important to speak our truth to facilitate the process of healing heart and mind.

During the pandemic I occupied myself with the study of psychotherapy and I practice meditation and yoganidra. It is important to learn that we are not our circumstances so that we can make different and better choices in life to succeed. The reason for practicing meditation and yoganidra, is because it is in stillness that ‘grace’ happens.

I was drawn to enter Mr. Gay World South Africa in 2021 as I felt the need to put myself out there to help other individuals and their families who are struggling to come to terms with sexuality. I have done research and studies on sexuality and am happy to share it with those that are in need thereof. Being selected as one of the Top 12 gents to represent South Africa at the final show, was a win for me.

I reached out to the Heroes Academy SA where we facilitate workshops in the low-income areas in Cape Town and work with boys between the ages of 13-15. We introduce them to heroes from their communities and we act as role models so that they can strive to become better men and heroes themselves. The main aim of Heroes Academy SA is to address gender-based violence.

I am an enthusiast runner and am part of the trail run community and running clubs in Cape Town. Through my work I condition runners for races.

Cell: 072 021-6481

Email: stianludik@gmail.com


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