Photographer recreates intimate portraits of young male models

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A young man poses shirtless, jeans hung low around the waist. His hands, which are placed delicately atop his head, accentuate his ribs and the curve of his back as he stares deep into the lens.

Next to this portrait is another photo of an older man striking precisely the same pose. He wears a more serious expression and his body appears more muscular, with a tattoo stretching the length of his torso.
The man in both images is model Jacob Buchholz. He was 23 when the first photograph was taken, in 2004, while the second was captured 17 years later, around the time he turned 40.
The diptych is a part of Doug Inglish’s new photography series “Then & Now,” in which he asked models to recreate portraits he had taken of them in the early 2000s. The resulting images juxtapose subjects’ past and present selves, leaving viewers to reflect on the passage of time.

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