The power of music on the human brain

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Musician and neuroscientist Dr Alan Harvey.

Music has stood the test of time, prevailing as one of the cornerstones of human society since the discovery of the first musical instrument, a vulture-bone flute, approximately 50,000 years ago. Its endurance as a conduit for stories and a medium of communication exceeds even that of the written word by tens of thousands of years. The remarkable nature of music, given its staying power as the world and humankind evolved, is unparalleled, and has accordingly drawn the attention of experts across the globe. To explore the effects of music on the human brain, BizNews spoke to Dr Alan Harvey, a leading neuroscientist, author and passionate musician. Dr Harvey’s insights into the role of music in human evolution, its potential for future medical advancement and the power of music to stir our emotions and memories, were superbly thought provoking. – Nadya Swart

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