Everything else is privately supplied – now you can add your power

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Now you can rent your own private electricity supply on a monthly basis.

There is little risk as the rental model ensures that technology is kept up to date and continually updated, according to local company MetroWatt. Sound reassuring – just add another R3,000 or so to your monthly expenditure, and you too can tell Eskom to take a hike! This article was first published on MyBroadband. – Sandra Laurence

Huawei and MetroWatt launch R2,800 per month solar power rentals

By Myles Illidge*

MetroWatt and Huawei have announced a partnership to provide solar power system rentals to fight load-shedding, starting from R2,800 a month.

A second option offers a larger system for R3,800 per month.

“MetroWatt’s partnership with Huawei is unique to South Africa. While they are a global player with extensive research and development capabilities, we can provide local support and tailor our solutions to local needs,” MetroWatt CEO Laurent Pieton said.

“Our hybrid solar and battery backup solution comprises both state-of-the-art technology owing to our 22 years’ experience within the IT sector.”

“This is combined with the most advanced equipment because of our strong partnership with technology partner Huawei FusionSolar,” Pieton added.

MetroWatt said its partnership with Huawei provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Immediate implementation of its systems
  • Continuity of power supply without disruptions due to the combination of solar power and battery backups
  • Little risk for homeowners as the rental model ensures that technology is kept up to date and continually updated
  • Electricity savings offset monthly rental payments

“Solar power is a completely renewable, reliable and clean energy source. By households generating their own energy they limit their reliance on the grid and save on electricity bills,” Pieton said.

“The advantage of solar-powered battery backup is that excess energy can be stored in the battery during the day, providing peace of mind that your home will be powered during load shedding or other grid outages.”

MetroWatt also has an app that lets customers monitor their system’s status and power consumption from their smartphones.

It is currently advertising two rental solutions:

  • R2,800 per month — 5kW smart inverter, 11 panels with optimisers, and 5kWh battery storage.
  • R3,800 per month — 5kW smart inverter, 16 panels with optimisers, and 10kWh battery storage.

Source: https://www.biznews.com/energy/2022/08/31/everything-privately-supplied-power

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