Joburg coalition of corruption

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Some basic research provides facts not rhetoric.

The latest episode last week of the Joburg Coalition of Corruption soap opera exposed the many actors the DA has been warning about all along.

I ask readers not to believe what I have to say, simply look at facts and connect the dots.  It amazes me how some people take politician’s word at face-value without verification or research.

Throughout this entire episode the criminally-minded extortionists and patronage extractors, the Patriotic Alliance (PA) who arrogantly call themselves the “king-makers” not once spoke, privately nor publicly, about the interests of Joburg residents.  Consistently throughout the plot, and for all to clearly see, they spoke of positions for themselves, their unprincipled self-interest and their inflated egos.  Not once did the PA speak about service delivery.  This was reflected in the multi-party negotiations.  At least they’ve been consistent.  No need to believe me, simply do some basic research.

Despite a bad history with the PA which included corruption and attempts to manipulate tenders, the DA and other opposition parties negotiated with the PA.  However, it became very apparent that the PA has a very specific agenda for themselves and not for Joburg residents.  While negotiations were taking place, we were aware of negotiations taking place simultaneously with the ANC and others. 

At the same time, ActionSA has done everything it can to make the DA look bad and to blame everything on the DA.  After all, ActionSA concluded its national strategy session with the objective of becoming the official opposition and to destroy the DA.  All this can be verified with google.  Have you noticed that where we govern in a collation without ActionSA, that those coalitions are stable.  Where the DA governs as a majority, these governments deliver.  These are simply verifiable facts.

The latest coalition of corruption with the puppet mayor from Al Jama-ah (which obtained only 9961 votes in the elections) will show that it is nothing more than a band of thieves, corruptors, gangsters and double-crossers.  Watch this space once the ANC and the EFF have concluded their behibd-the-scenes negotiations.

Next time don’t waste your vote on small parties which, as we’ve seen also in the case of the speaker from Cope (which obtained only 2297 votes) can hold Jozi to random.

Joburg deserves better. 

Manny de Freitas MP

Member of Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

Shadow Minister of Tourism

Chair: Johannesburg Region

Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South

Democratic Alliance


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