Meet Dr. Carlton Thomas

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Meet the gay doctor answering the questions you’re too shy to ask your physician.

A gay doctor has earned a huge fanbase with his no-nonsense, straightforward videos about anal sex and sexually-transmitted infections. His following really exploded over the summer when he began to post videos specifically educating gay men about monkeypox.

Dr. Carlton Thomas’s videos arrived at a time when people were desperate for accurate and up-to-date information. An increasing number of people are turning to TikTok for bite-sized chunks of news.

Dr. Thomas was born and raised in “very conservative rural South Carolina.” He studied at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He practices as a gastroenterologist (that’s everything to do with your gut health) but has become knowledgeable about all areas of queer health.

Thomas says there’s a real thirst for such information from the many queer people in his practice. He also says he saw, “a huge lack of proper queer health sex ed on social media.”

He’s now based in San Diego, California. Married, he has two 17-year-old children via surrogacy.

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