Hogwarts Legacy introduces trans character

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Harry Potter’s magical world of wizards to get its first transgender character; here are the details.

Harry Potter and its wizarding world has been a core part of a lot of our childhood. It never seizes to surprise and entertain the crowd. Even though the seven-part movie got over a long time back, there have been other projects coming up making this epic series the crux of it. The latest to have hopped onto the bandwagon is the Hogwarts Legacy game which is set in the wizarding world of Hogwarts that J.K. Rowling conceptualised all those years ago.
The game is all set to feature its first transgender character and this modern take has gotten fans excited. What’s interesting to note is that the author herself has made many questionable remarks over the past few years on the transgender community, however, taking this positive step forward deserves a mention.

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