India’s top court is set to rule on same-sex marriage

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Here’s what that could mean for millions of people.

It wasn’t love at first sight when Aditi Anand met Susan Dias at a book club in Mumbai.

“We didn’t get along with each other at all,” Anand, a filmmaker, said with a smile as she recalled the encounter. “We were always antagonistic toward each other’s views on the books we were reading.”

Weeks later, when the two women bumped into each other at a phone shop, Dias even ignored Anand.

“She tried so hard not to acknowledge me. But unfortunately, or rather fortunately for both of us, we found each other at the phone counter,” Anand said. “We said hi and exchanged numbers.”

More than a decade later, Anand and Dias have built a life together. They have co-founded their own companies, are raising a son, own a home and have adopted a dog.

But there’s one thing they have not been able to do in their home country: marry.

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