André Dercksen – Head Stylist at Equilibrium Hair and Beauty, Pretoria

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After trading a career in finance for hair styling more than 20 years ago, André Dercksen (46) hasn’t looked back.

“My dad didn’t think it was funny though,” André chuckles. “I’ve always loved fashion, and soon realized that happiness often requires taking bold risks.” And just like the mechanic with the oil-leaking car, the unhealthy doctor and the pastor’s cussing kid, André’s baldness is one of those ironies that you just can’t overlook. As head stylist at Equilibrium Hair and Beauty, Pretoria, André has more than two decades of experience in doing what he loves most – styling a smile on people’s faces. “Styling isn’t just about hair and outer beauty,” André believes. After all – you need to wear your hair, not the other way around. “Don’t cling to something, especially a look, just because you’re used to it. A confident person can pull of any style, color, or weave.” One of the many things that the pandemic has taught us, is that appearance can be masked by the simple selection of the Camera off-button. You’re as beautiful as you feel, and that beauty is rooted in your self-esteem which only you are responsible for. Outer beauty is not only a choice, but a responsibility because if you look good, you feel good. André completed his styling diploma at the Tshwane Technicon and admits that he still learns every day – whether it’s about styling or removing toxic, damaging product from a client’s hair. “This usually happens the day before a birthday celebration or wedding when hysterical bridesmaids come running to the salon begging me to fix their flop on top.” The Covid-19 pandemic gave the beaty industry a huge blow. “Appreciate everything you have and everyone you love. Make peace with your losses and move on,” André learned. “Distinguish between the things you have control over and the things you don’t. And if you have hair – you have control. If you look good, you feel good. As simple as that. It is our job as stylists to make that happen. That’s why I make sure that, whatever I do, I do it boldly.”

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