Paul Dunn – Editor of eNuus

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As editor of eNuus, South Africa’s first alternative Afrikaans television news bulletin, Paul Dunn (49) has more than 22 years of experience in television journalism and broadcasting.

He’s a hands-on media all-rounder, and the last 13 years he spent in managerial roles proves this. It’s in this fast-paced, ever-changing news milieu where Paul thrives. “Working in these environments has given me a thorough understanding of television news audiences, media law and ethics, content, and staff management.” Some of the various professional capacities Paul held that prepared him for his current role, includes writing news, serving as sub-editor, bulletin editor, producer as well as news editor. “We have a strong and independent media in South Africa that still holds politicians and people in the public eye accountable,” Paul says. “For that I’m thankful for; it gives me hope.” Even at a managerial level he still learns every day. “Working with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultural contexts keeps you on your toes. And I still get upset by discrimination.” In hindsight, he believes, it’s part of what motivated him to become a journalist. “I’ll always be moved by stories about people being mistreated because of their sexual orientation. I can’t help but to be aware of my sexual orientation when I’m covering or editing stories about the anti-gay legislation in Uganda, for example, or the fight for LGBT+ rights in our neighboring countries such as Namibia and Botswana, even in South Africa.” So next time you watch the news in Afrikaans, remember that the unapologetically harsh reality as well as the heartwarming stories of hope and motivation had to be filmed, scripted, and meticulously packaged by people like Paul, not only to uncover what’s hidden, but also to entertain and especially – keep us informed.

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