Deon Hattingh – Optometrist

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Passion drives Deon Hattingh and he is passionate about all things: people, ballet, art, music, and now more importantly; optometry.

Deon Hattingh never thought for a nanosecond in his matric year that he will become an Optometrist. He was daydreaming of becoming a dancer, a famous actor. An idealist. With youth comes ignorance and he did not have a whisper of the reality of what it took to become those things. 

And a long indoctrinated induced fear kept him from even trying. 

After school he had no idea what to do, because passion is what drives him, and he didn’t have passion for anything besides the ballet and acting. 

He then searched forked job opportunities and started working at Blockbusters Video, Vodacom and as fate wished, as an assistant at the Optometrist in his hometown. 

A gorging flame of passion was ignited. But this time he was not going to draw his dreams with a stick in the sky but with great tenacity do everything what it takes. 

The journey was quite tumultuous, driven by passion but also an absolute desperation to get out of his small town. To find freedom to be himself without prejudice; a safe haven. 

When he got accepted into Optometry school. The immense joy, and relief he felt was cosmic. But still with a hint of disbelief.

Today he is a practicing Optometrist, with special interest in Paediatric Optometry, People of all ages with Binocular Vision issues, and Vision Therapy. His goal in his practice is not merely for his patients to have clear vision but a devotion to find solutions for visual problems that sometimes the patient didn’t even know about. Beavering away to find visual solutions that the patients have been seeking. He can’t fix everything, but boy will he try. 

Always learning, always growing, and never been more joyous.  


Deon Hattingh

B.Optom (UJ) 


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