Australia introduces ‘Right to Disconnect’ law

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Australia is set to introduce a progressive labour law known as the “Right to Disconnect”, enabling employees to disengage from work-related communications beyond their designated work hours.

Spearheaded by the Labour government, the legislation seeks to safeguard workers’ well-being and promote a healthier work-life balance amid the digital age’s relentless connectivity.


The proposed amendment grants employees the autonomy to decline monitoring or responding to employer communications outside of their official working hours, unless such refusal is deemed unreasonable.

While employers retain the prerogative to contact their staff after hours, the law aims to shield employees from adverse consequences for prioritising personal time.

Employers must navigate various factors to gauge the reasonableness of contacting employees after hours, including the purpose and frequency of communication, the nature of the employee’s role, compensation arrangements, and familial responsibilities. The legislation aims to strike a balance between operational needs and employees’ rights to leisure and downtime.

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