Michael Fereira Heyns – Kunstenaar

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Van dat ek kan onthou het ek my besig gehou met kuns. Nou nog het ek twee tekeninge wat ek in 1952 gemaak het.

Kuns as vak in matriek (1963) en BA(BK)* UP – 1967 (*Beeldendekuns / Fine Arts)
Vir 10 jaar was ek kuntenaar by die nasionale filmraad.
In 1979 sluit die regering die filmraad en begin ek voltyds te skilder. Dit was nooit ‘n bewustelike besluit
maar ‘n heimlike droom het waar geword.
1 Julie 2024 sal dit 45 jaar wees dat my kunswerk die eenigste bron van inkomste is.
In Mei 2021 het Lukas Mc Donald my elekektronies begin bemark met geseënde resultate.

9 Julie 2003 tot 17 Augustus 2006

“Thursday 17 July 2003 – To be able to create unconditionally. To have time; time to think it over, time to
listen what the painting wants to say, time to make sure that the right decisions were made.”
“Tuesday, 5 August 2003 – On the table next to me there are purple roses in candlelight, remnants of the
flowers that Willem arranged. On the clay table is stain of Rose madder deep roses.”
“Saturday, 16 August 2003 – Would it be possible to experience this exhibition without speculating
(bewildered, defenceless and confused): could that not have been easier?! … What caried me through
was Annie Lennox that fills Buliki ***
“Dear God…
Where are you now?
And what you gonna do
About the mess I made?
If there was ever a soul to save
It must be me

Oh God
Now where do I come in?

Gone and broken everything
So I hope you’ll understand
If someone needed a helping hand
It must be now”

“1 January 2004 – It is Thursday. I sit outside. It is early. The sun starts to shine on me – my hand and
shadow hand writes together.

A cat with jade eyes moved in, already a year. Comfortably he became a part and he is
beautiful and makes the most beautiful pictures. Sometimes his eyes are the softest celadon.”

“Wednesday, 4 February 2004.
John Rocha
“There is a clarity, an essence, a singular truth that informs all I do – I want to make

beautiful things. I want to make people feel good…

Maybe beautiful is not the right word. Perhaps it’s not the kind of beauty that hits you
conspicuously but the kind you come across unknowingly,
almost unexpectedly a beauty that is more than visual charm.”

“Thursday, 19 February 2004.

“… Together with the rain, big green pomegranates bent the tree. Now they bust open

and show in abundance their precious red inside, excessively.”

“25 February, Wednesday

Yesterday I fed the fish in the rain. These are the things that make life precious… (The

more intense the experience, the purer I can portray it.)”

“Tuesday, 6 April 2004

Tony Bennett sings Fly me to the moon. That’s what my paintings must look like, the
way Fly me to the moon sounds. They should reflect impeccable craftsmanship and the freedom to create
a new world

where one can linger and where – repeatedly – familiar and also new things can be
experienced visually. It must be a completely satisfying and pure experience, emotionally and visually.”

“7 January 2005, Friday
Daniel Rhodes
…The way of the artist and the

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