UK weaponises the NHS against the queer community

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NHS reportedly set to remove inclusive language from documents in Tory ‘gender ideology’ crackdown.

Inclusive language is reportedly set to be be removed from NHS documents under leaked new plans.

According to The Telegraph, government proposals aimed at cracking down on what it calls “gender ideology” are expected to be announced this week.

Planned changes are said to include a ban on words such as “chest-feeding”, and only people who have ovaries will be referred to as “women.” Patients will also be given the option to request that care be carried out by a professional whose sex assigned at birth matches their own.

“The government has been clear that biological sex matters, and women and girls are entitled to receive the protection and privacy they need in all healthcare settings,” a source told The Telegraph.

“Our proposed updates to the NHS constitution will give patients the right to request same-sex intimate care and accommodation, to protect their safety, privacy and dignity.”

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