Let’s explore “knismolagnia”

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The fetish that has guys tickled, titillated & begging for more.

A new study from Germany claims to be the first to take a look at the tickle fetish community. The study was undertaken by researchers at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. It appeared in Frontiers in Psychology.

The researchers wanted to know how people incorporated tickling into their sex lives. Do they enjoy it light or hard? Is it just part of foreplay or the focus of the sexual encounter? Is it something enjoyed more by men or women?

To find answers they reached out to influencers in the tickle fetish community who shared an invite for participants online. Two of the influencers were Japanese-speaking and three were English-speakers. Tickle fetishism is apparently a bigger thing in Japan and around three-quarters of those to respond were East Asian.

They managed to find 719 people to complete the 43-question study. Around 80% were heterosexual, with 10% bisexual. Only a handful said they were gay/queer and others preferred not to say.

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