Alvi Armani hair restoration

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Alvi Armani has been around since 1999 and their founder, Dr Antonio Armani, has been a pioneer in the hair restoration field since its development decades ago.

Being visionaries in the hair restoration field has enabled Alvi Armani to stay abreast with the latest research, science and technology with growing research and development in their own R&D laboratories based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles USA.

For over three decades, the Doctors, nurses and specialists at Alvi Armani globally have focused on one thing and one thing only – HAIR.

It’s because of the above efforts that Alvi Armani has been acclaimed as the clinic of choice on every continent globally since 2015. In 2018 the clinic opened its doors in Johannesburg South Africa with the aim of helping men and woman of all ages, races and backgrounds reclaim their confidence back, right here, without having to travel to any of their clinics around the world to get a world class result.

Alvi Armani creates natural, age-appropriate frontline designs, the clinic also has claim to the highest number of transplanted follicular units on multiple areas including but not limited to crowns and even beards. With such unrivalled densities, Alvi Armani has used the perfect balance of science and art, combined with a high degree of technical skills, to consistently achieve results that are truly remarkable. Its these results that have led them to being the clinic with the most published results globally, and accreditations with multiple global medical associations.

All the doctors that make up the global team have been carefully selected from hundreds of applicants for their artistic gifts, medical knowledge, and scientific & technical skill. Each of them completes a rigorous training process in the Alvi Armani Maximus design method in Beverly Hills USA.


Alvi Armani surgeons and clinics operate in Beverly Hills, Salt Lake City, Dubai, New Delhi, Johannesburg, Montevideo and Buenos Aires to mention a few.

We spoke to the team of medical experts, including Dr Kalan from Alvi Armani South Africa recently and combined some of the most common hair loss questions with their answers. They were passionate about giving advice to help our readers really understand this condition and at the same time, remove some of the myths or unscientific solutions that may be out there… 


Questions and Answers

  1. How long have hair transplants been performed? Hair transplants have been performed for almost five decades now, with the earliest attempts usually causing more harm than good using traditional methods such as the FUT or strip methods. Thanks to the latest advancements in science and medical technology, the procedure has been refined over many years to get to a point of excellence whilst still combining true artistry. At Alvi Armani, we are now able to perform surgery at such fine level of detail that the procedure is virtually undetectable to the naked eye and yields results that can last a lifetime.


  1. What other factors are causing hair loss? There are various factors that can contribute to hair loss, including but not limited to genetics, diet, lifestyle, water quality, stress, medical conditions and medication use as well as excessive styling. Usually what we find is that a patient’s real cause is often a combination of more than one factor alone and so the treatment or transplant plan with Alvi Armani has got to be holistic and scientifically backed with what we know works.


  1. When would you recommend a hair transplant for a patient? It would be patient specific. The first step is the patient seeking professional and medical help, without relying on shampoos or potions that aren’t medically backed or proven. Next, and when the patient is serious to do something about the condition, we conduct a medical evaluation and consultation, whereby our team is able to professionally diagnose the pattern of baldness and provide appropriate and tailor-made solutions best suited for each patient.


  1. Are there special techniques that are employed when performing hair transplants by Alvi Armani hair? Alvi Armani Maximus has a proprietary technique mastered by Dr Armani and Dr Baubac, who are widely known as the world’s best hair transplant surgeons. Our clinics specialise in adopting the techniques that are best suited to each patient’s unique condition, skin texture, hair loss pattern etc. We do so using the latest advancements in not only science and medical technology but also decades of research within our own hair laboratories in Beverly Hills. So be it DHI, Sapphire, FUE or Maximus, the solution best suited for the patient is always assessed and understood during their consultation with us.


  1. How common is hair loss and the need for hair transplants in male patients? Extremely common, Male Pattern balding or Androgenetic Alopecia effects more than 60% of males in their lifetime and Females are not uncommon either. As a result, patients often try to treat the condition with expensive shampoos or other means that have not been FDA approved or are not backed with proven consistent results. After years of unsuccessful attempts, may patients resort to the wearing of caps or just shaving their thinning hair completely.


  1. How does Alvi Armani go about accommodating different hair types? At Alvi Armani, all patients are seen as individuals, with their own unique skin texture, donor quality, hair and follicular profile. We have specific systems, tools and techniques used by all our clinics globally to analyse a patient’s unique profile and then provide appropriate care and treatment for that. There is no one size fits all.


  1. How long does the procedure take? On average, a hair procedure can take up to 8 to 10 hours, but this is dependent on the number of grafts that needs to be implanted as well as the type of hair transplant that you are opting for. Hair transplants are typically performed as an outpatient procedure, so one would not need to stay in the hospital overnight.


  1. Why should patients use Alvi Armani for hair transplants? We encourage all patients to do their own homework and research and always make an informed choice when selecting any clinic.


  1. Why should patients use Alvi Armani for hair transplants? When selecting Alvi Armani, we know that that patient is choosing to undergo a hair restorative procedure at the largest FUE hair transplant clinic globally, with global accreditations from over 20 international bodies.

Each of their decisions may be unique. Some may have had friends or family undergo a procedure with us in Beverly Hills or Salt Lake City, others may know of a Celebrity that has done their transplant with us in Dubai or Buenos Aires.

Finally, a good percentage of patients may have already had a procedure elsewhere and are not happy with the results and would like us to correct it. Ultimately, this is a personal choice, and we respect that.

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