BMW X4 xDrive20i

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When the Sports Activity Coupé first came out not everyone fell in love due to familiarity with the X3 and X5. But boy, just get into one for an hour and you will change your mind very quickly.


It has it all! The beautiful sporty look of a coupé with all of the versatility and practicality of an SUV. The second generation of the X4 has me gunning for a sugar daddy so I can get my paws on one!

My favourite thing about it is the premium ambience of the interior, one of the most stable, quiet cars I have ever driven, and on top of that luxurious to the touch. A feast to look at in all respects from 8 mood lighting options to the dash and door trimmings to the infotainment and instrument panel animations. The infotainment has one of the best layouts I have ever had the pleasure of using, completely user-friendly and easy to navigate, even at high speeds. From the knob controller next to the gear lever to gestures you can make in the air which is read by a 3D sensor. It works, by god, everything in it works. If you ever scratch or bump this car, it would have to have been on purpose, as driving assistance tech, parking sensors and cameras are all advanced to a futuristic level! And the sensors never beep so much that they become annoying, it feels like the X4 can read your mind.

Exterior-wise, the design is sleek and mouth-wateringly beautiful, from the clean premium back-end design to the extra-large kidney grille, it also has short overhangs which makes it very manoeuvrable for what is a big car.

It reportedly has amazing off-road ability, but other than that, it also hovers above the road. You can’t feel a bump or a pothole. Its 8-speed transmission is an absolute dream, and switching between eco, comfort and sport modes do make a significant difference in the driving experience. Cornering, acceleration, and braking are all a dream come true. I could write books about the X4. If you can afford it, GO GET IT!

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