Renault Mégane RS 280 CUP

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This C-segment hot hatch is a powerhouse, built for exceptional performance and to please the driver that loves sportiness in a car with powerful sexy design features, that don’t go overboard.


The four-wheel steering ensures a driving experience that is agile and stable, although I did feel that the hydraulic bump stop shock absorbers are perhaps designed for the track more than uneven roads as I found the ride slightly shaky on Jo’burg’s patched up roads. Other than that if you are looking to show off a racy personality with truly state-of-the-art technological features this car should be one of your top 3 choices.

Stepping on the accelerator is an absolute delight and cornering efficiency is impressive under Renault’s 4CONTROL system. It’s really a car for someone who loves to drive, and if that is the case I recommend the manual model, although it is a pain in peak hour traffic.

What really stood out is the aggressively sporty design without it making you look like you are fresh off a Pimp My Ride reality show. It remains classy. With the wide air intake in the front, wing-mounted air extractors on the wheel arches, the iconic RS central exhaust, and really sexy tail lights and head lights with unique C-shaped daytime running lights, I really wanted everyone to see me driving this hottie.

Interior trims and mood lighting is high end. The sports front seats with built in headrests are comfortable with excellent back support. The instrument panel is high tech and very useful whilst the on-board computer and infotainment offers you all the video game-like information a racing enthusiast would love. It has all of the modern features you would expect, plus a very effective keyless entry and self-lock system. It is also super safe with its EuroNCAP 5-star safety rating.

It has no spare wheel, so beware of that, but has ample space.

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