Armand Joubert – Left with a Broken Heart

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It’s 2021 and AJ is back. This time he kicks off the year with
his very first R&B era, by releasing his highly anticipated EP
“Left with a Broken Heart”

Armand Joubert is no stranger in the South African music scene. He is mostly known for his 5 octave vocal range, his energetic live performances and his impeccable style, charisma & swag. With 5 number #1 radio hits in the past 2 years, AJ is a force to be reckoned with and earned his own right in the music industry. In 2020 he released his critically acclaimed sophomore album “Flamboyant” where fans got to see an explicit side of AJ, showcasing once again his out of this world range and bringing some shock value to the SA Music scene.

There is no denying that he is one of our biggest rising pop star’s to look out for.

Although his fans fell in love with him because of his distinct pop sound and as many have said; Armand reminds them of Adam Lambert. AJ has come to surprise his fans once again by announcing his R&B EP “Left with a Broken Heart”, giving them 5 brand new personal songs from the singer’s own pe and totally reinventing his look by serving beautiful and classic African braids, celebrating the African and African American culture. “If I was to be an artist in the 90’s and got my heart broken, this is what I would’ve sounded and looked like. I am absolutely in love with the R&B music from that time and it has moulded so much of me as an artist, so why not tap into it?” Armand said.

Left with a Broken Heart is like a personal memoir from Armand to his fans. The singer describes this EP as deeply personal and writing about some of the most difficult struggles he has dealt with regarding to relationships in the past.

The songs from the EP “Tell Me Now, Stop, Get Out & You Knew” gives the listener a sense of the 90’s nostalgia that every kid from that era loves to groove to. Armand serves you with beautiful vocal runs and lyrical content that will make your heart melt. “If your heart is broken, this EP is for you” the singer said.

Although majority of the EP are sounds that will remind you of songs from the 90’s, AJ also taps into a fresh sound at the same time, that will make this generation BOP along. His 3rd track from the EP unfold is an R&B banger filled underlining pop elements that is set to be a massive success on the airwaves. Armand shows once again that he has his own right in the game and gives people a reason to truly just love each and every era from the singer.

*Main single (Unfold) releasing Friday, the 5th of February. 

*Full EP on the 12th of February. 

Stream all AJ’s music on these platforms – Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google play & YouTube music

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