Clinton Richards- My body is my business card

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I will never forget when I was a young boy about twelve years old, I walked around in a stationary shop, looking for the perfect bag as back there and then I already knew who I was.

I saw the Gay Pages magazine on the top shelf and for a moment and many times more I craved to pick it off the shelf and just have a wee glimpse of the hot boy on the cover. Too afraid someone might see me and hesitant to be open about it at such a young age, I would drop by every odd month to see only the cover. This played a huge role in my upcoming as a self-assured young man because somehow, I related to the new star on the cover, and I knew that one day I would embrace the alteration in our world, society, family, and friends.

After a few years I grew into my skin and became even more comfortable with myself, having my family and friends accept me for exactly who I am. You could say that I was a straight-acting guy, though I would still sing Shania Twain and Miley Cyrus songs whilst driving with my mother. On the other hand, I used to go out with my two older brothers and be silent about my inner emotions and feelings. Those were the moments I was truly myself and many people saw that being gay did not have to be sexualised nor judged for having different sexual orientation.

I was born to be a model and actor and did great on screen, I even got scouted when I was still in school and decided to move to Cape Town. This just shows you that once someone sees your potential and gives you a chance it is up to you to build that character. Not long after my time in Cape Town I moved to Asia. I lived in Bangkok, where I was an ambassador for Quiksilver Thailand and Wrangler.

My partner at the time and I travelled Asia with camera teams and free flights to the South and North of Thailand. We were making Travel videos and lifestyle content and that really sparked my interest in making more content showing the true landscape of incredible destinations and of course in this industry self-promoting is key. With the right people behind you and a positive attitude you can really conquer everything if you live in a world where anything is possible, keeping in mind that if you are an amateur model, you should never do something that you are not comfortable with. There are many bullshit artists out there who will promise you the world but exploit you to the point where you will hate this industry.

I on the other hand have become congenial and straight-forward with companies and agencies and with creating my own content. It is freeing and I speak my truth through being ultimately open and proud of my body and mind. You should be proud of something that you have worked hard for. There is nothing wrong with embracing your body and making it work for you.

Nudity is the human form reduced visually into its purest state. I believe the world is already operating online and calling on all models, actors and everyone who wants to live their true lives. It starts with you having no homophobia, no violence, no racism, no sexism, no hate. Keep your side clean:)

My body is my business card and if you would like to see more of my journey you can follow me on Instagram: @clinton_mystic_

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